Juriy Smirnov is a sport-oriented product design brand based in Russia. 
The style of the brand is determined by JS artistic background. Basically, it starts with Russian Art Academy, scene artist experience in Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre and personal artworks. 
All aesthetics principals of JS language are based on our own passion to sport and our view of the product with understanding of craft and technologies. As a design studio we believe that design process has the same value as a final result. Importance of both is essential for us. Our tools - from software to hardware - are all of the best quality, covered with scratches and paint, because we use them daily.  We always pay attention to details because we believe in precisions and respect tolerances.  We create our brand with our style and with the same principals in mind we can help you to build your story that is truly unique - just like you are.
Product design

With more than 10 years in the industry, we can build your product from scratch. 
Starting from research and main idea in 2D concept sketches, renders and 3D prototypes to final CAD modeling with the drawings, sticker designs, painting layouts and packaging. 
For your Racing team, we can create a livery design with all instructions and guides as well as the custom painting by ourselves if needed.
Identity system. 
Logo. Brand guidelines

We create identity systems for brands and organisations. We help to find an efficient way to define unique brand approach and experience. 
Our job is to build the brand core which will resonate with the customers on a deep level. From logo design and custom fonts to entire visual system we create a consistent voice of the brand personality.
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