13 Jul 2020
Zhuhai. China 
"Sharing bike" is super fun!
14 Jun 2020
Shenzhen. China 
Shenzhen we love you!
8 May 2020
Zhuhai. China 
A trip to the nearest island
20 Apr 2020
Zhuhai. China 
This ride was all about architecture 
23 Mar 2020
Zhuhai. China 
Sunny Sunday ride
9 Feb 2020
Zhuhai. China 
It was a wonderful ride despite the restrictions 
27 May 2019
Hong Kong 
We ♥︎ HK
19 May 2019
Zhuhai. China 
Today we were lucky. We were at the second highest mountain peak in the nearest district
8 May 2019
Shanghai. China 
Beautiful! 😭 
3 May 2019
Macao drift
29 Apr 2019
Zhuhai. China 
We've finally found it! Now we know how bananas grow
8 Apr 2019
Zhuhai. China 
A beautiful Sunday ride
29 Dec 2019
Auckland. New Zealand
Oh, those Black Sands
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