17 Apr 
Solon hubs
We've made a custom font for models names and design stickers for a few of the Solon 2018 season hubs. This set is a part of these models.
© Solon. All rights reserved
23 Jan 
Artgroupcube. Souvenirs
As a part of Artgroupcube we are happy to announce our Souvenirs for our "A half-step into the twilight" project.
Stay tuned for more.
J. Smirnov, E. Subbotin, Y. Shikin
© Artgroupcube. All rights reserved
26 Dec 
Format 2018 season
This is one of the models which was made by JS for Format in the beginning of 2017. Check our PROJECTS section for JS part in Format 2018 season. We'll upload all details soon. Also check for more on http://format.bike/en/ 
© Format. All rights reserved
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