16 July 2020
LTWOO R7 road rear derailleur 
LTWOO's R7 Road series is available for purchase.
13 May 2019
LTWOO future aesthetic
One of the concept renders of the new aesthetic for LTWOO future drivetrain systems. It was fun to make them.
10 Mar 2019
One of the new ideas of the logo for Repute company.
02 Jan 2019
GTMRK suspension
The new logo, typeface and one of the fork stickers layouts for GTMRK suspension systems.
02 Jul 2018
L-TWOO project
With this fast sketch we want to celebrate the beginning of our great cooperation with L-TWOO company. We are very excited.
12 Jun 2018
Artgroupcube. Souvenirs
Our "basic kit" is ready for CNC and moulding processes. Can't wait!
J. Smirnov, E. Subbotin, Y. Shikin
© Artgroupcube. All rights reserved
17 Apr 2018
Solon hubs
We've made a custom font for models names and design stickers for a few of the Solon 2018 season hubs. 
© Solon. All rights reserved
23 Jan 2018 
Artgroupcube. Souvenirs
As a part of Artgroupcube we are happy to announce our Souvenirs for our "A half-step into the twilight" project.
Stay tuned for more.
J. Smirnov, E. Subbotin, Y. Shikin
© Artgroupcube. All rights reserved
26 Dec 2017
Format 2018 season
This is one of the models which was made by JS for Format in the beginning of 2017. Check our PROJECTS section for JS part in Format 2018 season. We'll upload all details soon. Also check for more on http://format.bike/en/ 
© Format. All rights reserved
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